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Waxed Canvas 8'x8' Scout Tarp / A Opossum Den Shelter

Waxed Canvas 8'x8' Scout Tarp / A Opossum Den Shelter

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At OPSG we are proud to offering WAXED CANVAS TARPS! There are many companies making tarps, so we knew we need to stand out! This Dose. Ours are way more tarp for a way better value! We are offering waxed duck canvas tarps in 3 cloth choices. 7oz sail cloth, 10.10oz Army Duck Canvas and 10.10 Gridwax Army Duck Canvas. Waxed canvas, also called oil cloth, is a superior fabric for tarps. The wax impregnation is a mold and mildew inhibitor, and it also adds UV protection which prevents sun fade and dry rot. Waxing fabric also lubricates the weave and makes the fibers slightly more elastic and adds to the natural water resistance inherent to canvas. Lastly the wax treatment can be reapplied in trouble spots as needed because the wax never cures. seamlessly. OPSG tarps are sewn with UV resistant outdoor polyester thread and are double stitched. We are pretty sure we are the only manufacturer double stitching tarps. All seams that will be under tension are flat felled for stregnth. OPSG's Tie Loops Are Special! All our tarps include loops made 2000lb test military spec rated webbing and are deliberately sewn in with twists, folds and/or bends in the loops. By incorporating theses twists, folds and bends we create a memory in the webbing. Why do we bother with this minor detail? Well, it's not a minor detail actually. By doing this we are limiting stretch and distortion in the loop over time and keeping it strong and durable. Our loops are sewn in differentlyin another way thats much different than any other manufacturer. OPSG loops are done so that each one is reinforced to itself and locked into the seam. This creates a primary loop and a set of 2 secondary loops, so each loop has a built-in redundancy. All the loops on the edges are mounted into 3 layers of canvas and 2 layers of webbing, loops mounted in the field of the tarp are double stitched on through 2 layers of canvas and 1 layer of webbing and are double stitched. What Makes It A Scout Tarp? Well, The Boy Scouts did! See, we wanted to offer a better tarp design to our customers. So, we spent a lot of time in research and development. What did we come up with? We found out the best way for us to think forward was by looking backward! During the research and development process we found an old BSA Tarp Tent and immediately recognized it was where we needed to take our product! The design is a simple, versatile and fully functional all we needed to do was add our design improvements to the construction of them. Speciations: > 8'x8' Guaranteed Minimum Size (Actual size at least 8'x8', Most will be at least 8'6"x8'6" or more) > Waxed Duck Canvas > 2000lb Test Military Spec Webbing Loops. > Double Stitched TAILS OF TRAILS ITEM: This item has a historic legacy. It is based on the BSA 1426-200 Tent Tarp.


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