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Opossum Den Shelters Tents: Bakers Tent

Opossum Den Shelters Tents: Bakers Tent

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OPSG Opossum Den Bakers Tent is a true classic. One of the most versatile old school design tents you can get. The tent can be set up wide open in front with the door becoming an awning. In this configuration it becomes a real base camp. A great communal space for enjoying nature with companions and family. In bad weather just button up till it passes. Frames are not included various sizes available. To order a custom tent select the consultation option. We will contact you and work out the details of what we can build for you. Please note this fee is for the consultation. If you choose not to order the fee will not be refunded. However, if you purchase a custom or even a standard options tent, then we will credit the fee consultation fee back to you in the form of store credit or a cash refund. USE, MAINTENANCE AND CARE LIABILITY DISCLAIMER: Nothing lasts forever and that is especially true if you fail to properly care for or use an item. OPSG tents are made from natural cotton canvas. Fabric that is woven from natural cotton fibers and yarns. Natural fibers require maintenance and careful use. Proper use and maintenance will ensure your tent lasts a very long time. Improper use and maintenance are likely to cause damage to or even destroy you OPSG tent and possibly cause injury to the user. It is incumbent upon you to learn to and properly use and care for the tent you purchase. This product has no warranty, and no warranty is implied. If you purchase an OPSG made tent it you agree to use it safely, responsibly and treat it with the proper care and preform the maintenance it requires. By your purchase you also agree to absolve OPSG of and accept upon yourself all liabilities resulting from the use of tis tent. Specifications: > 10.10oz Army Duck Canvas > Sunforger Fire Resistant Treatment > 2000LB Tese Military Spec Webbing Loops > Brass Grommets Tales Of Trails item: This item was designed off the drawings and instructions from a 1929 BSA Patrol Leaders Handbook. Other aspects of this design were sourced from photographs of gold rush tent towns found online. You can learn more about our Tales Of Trails vintage based gear on our home page.


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