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Sawbones Medic Bag

Sawbones Medic Bag

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We are self reliant, rugged, tough and ready to take on anything the trail can clobber us with! That said, thinking about safety is not the most fun part of going afield. However, it must be done. Realistically, the end goal of any trip into the wild is to return preferably alive! Part of being prepared is a well put together first aid kit. Deploy the Sawbones Medic Bag as a traveling medicine chest. Lash the Sawbones Medic Bag to any tree near your camp before you do anything else. Then, make sure everyone knows where it is. If it rains, snows or the wind blows no problem! Its a waxed canvas bag with a plastic box insert, everything will stay dry! Add a shoulder strap and make lashing it to a tree easy and add an extra nurse joey to fine tune it the way you want it. Historically canvas gear makers out there have ignored the first aid kit. We have been forced into using junk plastic boxes or nylon bags. The OPSG SAWBONES MEDIC BAG changes that. The SAWBONES MEDIC BAG was developed with input from medics and first responders who are also outdoorsmen who love canvas gear. The SAWBONES MEDIC BAG is trail ready all you need to do is equip it however you like. Specifications: ABS Plastic Box Included, 12", 10" & 7" Box Size Options. 15oz Waxed Canvas Leather Trim & Accents 550 Paracord Wooden Toggle Buttons Removable Handle (Replaceable with shoulder strap). "Nurse Joey" For quick access to PPE & Medical Devices.


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