Opossum Pouch Soft Goods

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  • OPSG's Trailhead Line

    Heirloom quality gear on a budget.

    Allowing new adventurers a way to start the right way with exceptional quality gear from moment one.

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  • Camp & Trail Sundries

    These are the things you never thought about and did not know you needed.  Once you have them, you won't want to be without them again.

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  • Pokes, Pouches & Sacks

    A very good selection of different sizes and shapes of bags you can use to organize your gear.  Build out your kit and keep it easy to manage.

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  • Haversacks

    OPSG Haversacks strike a balance of the best haversack features without any gimmicks useless features confusing the issue.

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  • Backpacks

    OPSG Backpacks reach back into history to create new designs. Bringing the past current again while respecting the legacy of the gear. 

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  • Pack Baskets

    Pack Baskets are probably the oldest form of load carrying system.  They provide a lightweight rigid carrying system with a great deal of versitility.

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  • Duck Butt Outer Wear

    This stuff is the real deal.  Made here in the USA of the best quality materials we can get our hands on!  Ya, It's Watertight!

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  • Borrow Bedroll Bedding

    Wool and canvas are the original sleep system!  Wool to insulate you and canvas to keep you dry and the wind at bay.  

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  • Opossum Den Shelters

    From tarps to tents, Opossum Shelters are now in production! Tarps are sold through the online store. Tents are built to order.

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