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Extraordinarily Rugged Outdoor Gear

Extraordinarily Rugged Outdoor Gear

Extraordinarily Rugged Outdoor GearExtraordinarily Rugged Outdoor GearExtraordinarily Rugged Outdoor Gear

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O P S G - Extraordinarily Rugged Outdoor Gear



  The opossum is North America’s only marsupial.  An animal that by its very design fits no molds.  The opossum is a one of a kind.

  At OPSG being one of a kind is our thing too!  Mixing the traditional and modern and all the while embracing innovation. This is not done just for the sake of being different.  My mix of classic styling, traditional materials, modern materials and modern innovations seeks to keep what is proven to work and leave the rest behind.  Borrowing from military, civilian, vintage and current concepts to create striking new designs that break the mold.

  If it is OPSG made then it is made right, it is made well, it is made to work and its made to last!  Otherwise, I wont make it at all!

Experience & Passion


  Sewing has been a tradition in my family since the early 1900's.  It has been a critical skill passed down to each generation.

  Over 30 years ago I began sewing.  Just as my mother and her mother did,  It is more than a skill to me It is a passion.  It is my a love for this craft and the outdoors that brought me here.  I am honored I get to share that with others!

  Jay M. Hercules - Owner / Designer / Maker



OPSG dose not have or offer a written warranty.  Furthermore, neither is a limited or full warranty implied in any way.

OPSG Promise to You:  OPSG is  committed to producing high quality goods and backing them up!  Complete customer satisfaction is my goal.  If an OPSG item has a defect, damage or other problem I want to correct it right away.  It is my goal to service all OPSG items at little or no charge.  OPSG is not responsible if you abuse your gear. However, it is built right so it should not take much to fix it.  So, please, try to treat it right and I will be here if you don't.

Contact OPSG and arrange sending it back for servicing.  The item will be evaluated and OPSG will contact you before any repairs are made.  If I can fix it for free I will but if not know that you will not incur charges unless you have approved them.



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