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Shemandanna / Elements Set

Shemandanna / Elements Set

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SHEMANDANNA is the OPSG version of the shmeagh.
The one and only OPSG SHEMANDANNA is made from cotton homespun.  Homespun is a soft and loosely woven fabric.  It is like the fabric a shemagh is made from but has a tighter weave and higher thread count.  It is light, breathable and more robust than shemagh fabric.  The SHEMANDANNA edges get a 1/4", the tassels are left off and are cut to be 44" x 44" when finished.  The best part is SHEMANDANNA are made from fabric styles that look like AMERICA!
The elements set contains 4 SHEMANDANNA of the same pattern but the primary color in each changes.  4 colors that represent the 4 elements.

.Earth / Green, Red / Fire, Black / Air, Blue / Water


> Size 44" x 44"

> 1/4" Hem On All Sides

> All American Look

> No Tassels



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