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OPSG's Sami Pouches (3 Piece Set)

OPSG's Sami Pouches (3 Piece Set)

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From the TRAILHEAD line of gear: This gear is value priced but built to last.  Perfect for the beginning outdoorsman on a budget.
TALES OF TRAILS ITEM:  This item has a historic legacy. It would be hard to determine how far back this design dates. It is a true classic. In the past they have been a popular craft at summer camps and were often made of leather.
An item with an ancient linage that has been rethought just enough to make it work today while still honoring its legacy. 
For centuries the Sami people of Norway have made small, curved bottom pouches to keep everything from foodstuffs to tool and other gear in. Now, there is no way to know for sure why they were curved but as a tailor and outdoorsman I can extrapolate why. In the bitter cold and likely with thick mittens on the curved bottom helps mitigate the fumbling for what you need out of the pouch. The most traditional style of Sami pouches has a gather & tie off closing set up, that is very traditional but lacks practicality today. So, we reworked the traditional design to create ours. All the functionality of the originals, no disrespect for the history and fully functional by modern standards.


 > 10.10oz GRID Waxed Canvas

> Leather keep closed tab.

> 550 Cord

> Small, Medium & Large Sizes in the set.


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