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Holler Sack

Holler Sack

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From the TRAILHEAD line of gear: This gear is value priced but built to last.  Perfect for the beginning outdoorsman on a budget.
A simple traditional haversack that is everything but a simple traditional haversack! 

The traditional haversack is a much loved and versatile piece of kit.  It can be folded or rolled up and stowed anywhere for you to use once you get there.  Also, a traditional haversack can be a primary piece of gear used on every trip into the field.  However, what if that basic design could be enhanced just enough to add versatility without destroying that high level of simple utility. 
The HOLLER SACK by OPSG dose just that.  The HOLLER SACK is roughly the same size as traditional haversacks.  Where it changes is by adding a simple pleat in the bottom.  This pleat allows the HOLER SACK to be carried as a haversack, a backpack or mounted to another rig as an add on.  The HOLLER SACK versatility does not stop there, its top pocket can be tied shut, the shoulder strap is removable, and the back is a blaze orange panel you can use as a signal.  This is the most versatile traditional style haversack out there and its only available from OPSG!


 > 10.10oz GRID Waxed Canvas

> 550 Cord

> Steel & brass military specification hardware

> Military specification nylon webbing


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