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Marsupial Haversack

Marsupial Haversack

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The MARSUPIAL HAVERSACK was a purpose driven concept. We wanted to offer a haversack that could easily pack away into a backpack like a traditional style flat envelope style haversack when you are not using. However, we also wanted it to be a useful and versitils as a typical three-dimensional construction haversack when in use. Honestly, we believe we hit the mark spot on! When empty this will fold up nicely and stow in any pack but when in use it fills out to a 12" x 14" x 4" haversack. This is acheived by using a single cut of cloth, strategically placing pleats and folds to form it and sewing them in place. This haversack is by consequence of this design extraordinarily strong. Because of its single cut construction there are no joined cuts of fabric where seams could fail. This haversack is also appointed with some great features. It has a tube sewn into the flap that will accommodate an axe, saw, squirrel cooker or another tool. It has a roll mount on the bottom, leather grab handle and a generous Lether cross body shoulder strap and pad. The closures for the bag are our OPSG TOGGLE TABS that are part of our FIELD FRIENDLY design. They can be adjusted to allow you to overstuff the bag. Also, by simply replacing the 550 cord the closures can be as long as you need. Also, the bag can be easily customized with your preferred 550 cordage and togglers for a more personalized look. *** Read more about our FIELD FRIENDLY design concept on our home page. *** Specifications: > 12" x 14" x 4" full and 16" x 14" flattened out for storage. > 15oz Waxed Duck Canvas > Food Safe Wax > Lether Straps & Accents > Adjustable & Removeable Straps & Grab Handle > Bottom Roll Mount Bottom > Top Flap Tool / Squirrel Cooker Tube > All Hardware Is Copper, Brass or Military Grade Steel


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