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OPSG's Rhododendrons (3 Piece Set)

OPSG's Rhododendrons (3 Piece Set)

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From the TRAILHEAD line of gear: This gear is value priced but built to last.  Perfect for the beginning outdoorsman on a budget.
TALES OF TRAILS ITEM:  This item has a historic legacy. It would be hard to determine how far back this design dates. It is a true classic. In the past they have been a popular craft at summer camps and were often made of leather.
An item with an ancient linage that has been rethought just enough to make it work today while still honoring its legacy. 
The Rhododendron grows wild all over the state of West Virginia. I think of it as the Hillbilly Lotus. When I decided to offer these, it was not till I drew one up into its pouch form that I saw it. They look a lot like a rhododendron about to bloom and I love that!

These are a very versatile item well worth having in any kit. They are a ground mat, EDC tray, pouch, pet bowls and signal (if they are blaze orange) or any other role you can think of for it. When it comes to gear, versatility is beautiful and the OPSG Rhododendrons are in bloom! The set includes a 12", 14" and 16" Rhododendrons


 > 10.10oz GRID Waxed Canvas

> Leather cord lock tab.

> 550 Cord

> Small, Medium & Large Sizes in the set.


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