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Shemandanna / Lucky Foot

Shemandanna / Lucky Foot

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The SHEMANDANNA pattern Lucky Foot is an exclusive Ruck Rabbit Outdoors offering.  This Shemandanna pattern was chosen and named by our Ambassador Chad Redding and its sales support his work to teach other Outdoors skills!
The one and only OPSG SHEMANDANNA is made from cotton homespun.  Homespun is a soft and loosely woven fabric.  It is like the fabric a shemagh is made from but has a tighter weave and higher thread count.  It is light, breathable and more robust than shemagh fabric.  The SHEMANDANNA edges get a 1/4", the tassels are left off and are cut to be 44" x 44" when finished.  The best part is SHEMANDANNA are made from fabric styles that look like AMERICA! 
These are SPECIAL EDITIONS. They are available in limited production runs.  Eash one sold benefits the ambassador who selected and named the pattern.  Please show your support like, follow, subscribe and watch their content and purchase an ambassador pattern SHEMANDANNA.



> Limited Edition

> Size 44" x 44"

> 1/4" Hem On All Sides

> All American Look

> No Tassels


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